We at Woody’s believe Yozuri lures to be of the highest quality regarding their design, finish and their fish catching ability. Many of the patterns in the range feature Yozuri’s “magnet weight transfer” a system that allows a small magnet and weighted balls to shift to the back of the lure for maximum casting distance. On the retrieve the balls are locked in the belly of the lure (via magnetic attraction) to provide a balanced, irresistible wiggling action that mimics an injured baitfish. Some of the patterns incorporate Yozuri’s patented “3D prism Finish” which give the impression of the lure actually changing colour under certain light conditions.

As to be expected the hooks are super sharp and exceptionally strong so enabling the angler to retain even the most aggressive and hard fighting predators.

 Woody’s are offering Yozuri lures to our customers at the incredibly low price of £8.99 each. As an added bonus – if you buy four lures then you can choose an extra one for free.
Yes, buy 4 Yo-Zuri lures and get another one for FREE!
Please ring for postal charges.

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