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The A-TEC Wave rimfire/air rifle silencer is a high-performance lightweight silencer, designed for rimfire rifles and pistols up to .22 calibre and for air and CO2 weapons. Manufactured in Norway by A-TEC, the silencer is an all-aluminium low-maintenance sealed unit, black anodised.
The A-TEC Wave rimfire/air rifle silencer weighs only 96 grammes and adds only 120 mm net length to a typical rifle – and with a diameter of just 31 mm, it is slim enough to be used with low-mounted telescopic or iron sights.
A-TEC rimfire/air rifle silencers are available with ½”x20 UNF and ½”-28-UNEF internal threads to fit directly onto a screw-cut rifle or pistol barrel. “No-gunsmithing” muzzle adapters are also available for some pistols.

* All Sound Moderators require a face to face transaction.

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