Hawke “Nature Trek” 12 x 50 Binoculars (Green)




The Hawke “Nature Trek” 12×50 binoculars are a full size style of binocular and have a great magnification along with good light input from the 50mm objective lenses. (the ones opposite the eyecups). They have been cleverly designed to be shock-proof, as they have a polycarbonate body, which is really strong, but also relatively lightweight and they are sealed to be waterproof, so can take a heavy down-pour or even a quick swim in a stream. Hawke have used nitrogen to stop the binoculars fogging, so there is no worry of any blurring of the image due to moisture.

The focusing wheel is internal, which helps keep the unit sealed and they are fog-proof, so will not get any annoying internal moisture to cloud the image. The rubber focusing wheel is really smooth and it can focus quickly, for times when the subject is moving fast, even when wearing gloves. The Hawke “Nature Trek” binoculars have an eyesight dioptre correction wheel on the right hand barrel, which can be easily adjusted for individual eyesight requirement. Simply focus the binoculars using the main focusing wheel and then turn the eyesight correction ring either left or right, to get a minus or plus dioptre adjustment, until the image is pin-sharp and that’s it, all set up for tailor-made viewing. In addition to the dioptre correction, the eyecups will twist up, for use without glasses and can be left down if using them with spectacles or sunglasses.

The glass in the binoculars, is multi-coated which helps with image contrast and colour rendition and the high quality BAK4 prisms ensure edge to edge sharpness and a high resolution image even in the most challenging of conditions. With a remarkable close focus distance of 2.5m for such a large magnification, anything that appears close at hand, can also be viewed through these binos and the impressive depth of field means that everything is in focus in the foreground and the background is thrown out of foucus, to help with viewing.

The Hawke 12×50 “Nature-Trek” Binoculars, come with a neoprene strap, case, rainguard and objective lens covers, which have been thoughtfully attached to the body of the binoculars, so they don’t get lost. Overall a really good buy.

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