Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure Pack




The Jarvis Walker Hard Body Lure kit is just another example of delivering performance fishing kit in a convenient package. We dont need to be reminded that hard body lures are often expensive. This is compounded by the necessity for anglers to keep a selection in their tackle boxes. Fish can be fastidious targets. Lure colour alone can be enough to turn fish off the bite or, turn them in to ravenous feeders. Thats just colour. We are yet to consider the different actions, different depths, profiles, actions and general Lure types, that have a huge bearing on what we catch, how much we catch or whether indeed we catch anything at all.

Key Features

• 2x Freshwater Minnows (60mm)
• 2x Estuary/Bream Lures (55mm)
• 2x Saltwater Minnows (110mm)
• 2x Vibe Shads
• 2x Estuary/Bass lures
• All lures are pre-rigged
• Comes in a convenient and multi-purpose clip-sealed lure box
• Lures suit fresh and salt water application
• Useful on a huge range of fish species

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