Mag-Lite Solitaire Torch Light


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The Maglite Solitaire LED torch features the classic look of the original Solitaire torch introduced in 1988, but now offers a higher output of 47 lumens from a single white LED.
It works in the same simple way, insert the single AAA alkaline battery by unscrewing the tail cap and tightening it back up fully, and then twist the head of the Solitaire clockwise to turn on it on in a focused spot and continue to loosen the head to provide a more diffused flood light. Turn it off by turning the head anti clockwise and fully tightening the head. 
Compact, durable and dependable this torch has features and functions exclusive to the Mag name. An icon in its class, features include IPX7 waterproof rating and drop resistance of 2 metres. Weighing in at only 24 grams with the battery fitted and 81 mm in length, the Maglite Solitaire LED torch offers the same precision engineering and craftsmanship found in every Maglite torch.
With its unique shape, the Maglite Solitaire LED torch fits conveniently into pockets, purses, briefcases or on your keys with the included key ring lanyard.

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