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If you fish deep lakes, river pools or fast water you owe it to yourself to try the Mepps XD (Xtra Deep). Mepps didn’t invent the shaft-through-the-blade spinner, they perfected it. Every XD features a precision, solid brass fulcrum bead between the blade and body allowing the blade to spin at any retrieve speed. It also allows the blade to spin as the lure drops providing additional attraction. No other shaft-through-the-blade spinner offers this feature. Mepps have always used strike attractors, a splash of color that enhances the lure’s visibility. For each XD they selected either a bright red or fluorescent bead tucked securely into the back of the body. All XD silver blades and bodies are plated with genuine silver creating a bright white flash that’s easily seen underwater. Some blades and bodies are platium (plaý-tee-um) plated. Platium is a natural element that has a remarkable resistance to corrosion. Gold blades and bodies are polished brass. Painted blades feature a Mepps chip-resistant proprietary blend of acrylic and epoxy finishes. Because it’s assembled with the best components possible, the XD holds up well when fishing rocks, stumps and rip-rap where trophy fish hang out. As if all this isn’t enough, the XD runs deeper – size for size – than any other lure in its class.

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