Okuma Sheffield 1002 Centrepin Reel


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The Okuma Sheffield Centrepin is widely considered one of the finest centrepin fishing reels to have ever been produced. The reel’s traditional design, with sleek machined aluminium finish and understated etchings, means it looks more than set to become a collector’s item in the years to come, this really is a reel for the tackle fanatics out there. This Sheffield 1002 has no drag and once you’ve set it spinning you could be excused in thinking it would keep on turning forever! Fitted with two German HPB stainless ball bearings, this reel is incredibly smooth to use and you will experience almost zero friction, the line practically glides from it. With a double handed pick up to ensure smoothness of control, this reel features an on/off ratchet on the rear of the spool to adjust spool tension and to prevent the spool from running freely when required. The clutch system is incredibly easy to operate and can be adjusted with a simple twist of the knob in the centre of the reel. The spool itself is constructed from one piece of machine cut aluminium and is set in a one piece machine cut aluminium frame. The Okuma Sheffield Centrepin is supplied with its own neoprene reel pouch to ensure its protection both in storage and in transit. This reel has a line capacity of 8lbs and 275 yards and weighs a mere 280g. This makes it the ideal tool for stick float fishing on rivers, although it can perform exceptionally across all forms of float fishing. This reel would sit will on any number of superior quality float fishing rods and ensures a fantastic day fishing, whether or not you manage to land the fish of your dreams. A joy to use, the Okuma Sheffield Centrepin is an exercise in class and represents the best of Okuma’s reel portfolio. This used Okuma is in exceptional condition and looks as though it has only been fished a handful of times. Complete with neoprene bag.

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