Pest-Stop Systems Multi Catch Rat Cage Trap




A traditional wire cage device for the humane trapping of rats and similar-sized pests. The front entrance has a funnel type design allowing rats to enter. They then walk over the see-saw type trap door which drops them into the holding cage where bait has been located. The see-saw returns back to its upright position trapping said rat in the holding area and allowing further rats to be caught. Can be used both indoors and outdoors on farms, commercial and industrial premises as well as domestic.

– Spring Loaded Entrance
– Welfare-Friendly Trap
– Ready & Easy To Use
– No setting necessary, just and food!
– Approximate Dimensions: Length 40cm x Width 18cm x Height 22cm.

Please note: The trap must be checked on a daily basis. It is illegal to release a captured live rat back into the wild. Therefore the captured rat should be humanely killed. For further information on this, please speak to us.

 inc 12 months guarantee 

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