Shakespeare Agility 3.53m Travel Beach Rod




The Shakespeare “Agility” rod is a strong powerful 5 piece rod ideal for distance casting from the shore, rocks or jetties. The strength of these multi piece rods is exceptional and the action of the rod has not been adversely effected by the addition of the extra spigots. The reduced transport length of these rods will help the travelling angler but will also allow them to be hidden in the boot of a car. The length is 3.53 metres (11ft 6 ins) and the ideal casting weight is 112grms – 224grms (4oz – 8oz). Offers outstanding bite detection, but also has power in the mid-section and butt to handle bigger fish. Perfect for general beach fishing when after Flatfish, Whiting, Bass and Sole. Each rod is supplied with a travel tube. This travel rod will prove very popular with the modern Sea Fisherman.

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