Shakespeare “Agility Continental” Feeder 3.9 metres


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These feeder rods from Shakespeare form an integral part of its comprehensive Agility range. With high-power options available in all three lengths, this rod series can cast a variety of feeders incredible distances on both rivers and lakes up and down the country. This rod series has also been designed with European waters in mind, where casting big feeders is the norm, and rod holds its own against the European brands. The Agility Feeder series has been designed for distance casting and the guide sizes and profile are perfect tools to maximise casting distances. The butt guides are large and follow up the entire distance of the rod, giving less friction and enabling you to cast heavy feeders over long distances. Even towards the tip, the diameter of the guides are larger than average. This set up also allows for larger diameter shockleaders, and the knot can travel through the guides very efficiently. This rod series has a lovely casting action, with stiffness towards the butt to enable a long last as well as softness in the tip for playing big fish. All of the Agility Feeder Rods are supplied with three tips. This gives an outstanding versatility of action. Not only this, but across the Agility Feeder series all the tips are able to be interchanged. This gives a great amount of flexibility when deciding what rod to use on the bank. With a satin black finish, this rod is a classy piece of equipment and come supplied in a protective oval tube.

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