Shakespeare Sigma Feeder Rod 3.6 Metres


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Shakespeare noticed that in recent years as the trend for carp fishing rods has been longer and longer, the trend for feeder rods has been towards the smaller end of the spectrum. This was an area that the brand felt was being let down by other tackle companies, so the team at Shakespeare put their heads together. The aim was to create a shorter feeder rod that would perform to the same high standards that the modern angler has come to demand from their longer gear. The result was this, the Shakespeare Sigma Feeder. Offering the same progressive action that is so loved in longer rods but in a shorter package, the Shakespeare Sigma Feeder is the ideal tool for all your carp fishing using the feeder method.

This rod is 12ft in length, which is ideal for a huge range of the UK’s carp fishing venues. Especially ideal for fishing tight to the margins but equally capable to hitting out towards features in the middle of your swim, the Shakespeare Sigma Feeder is a versatile tool that performs best on the UK’s commercial waters. The rod offers up a powerful casting action that can punch out heavy weighted feeders to all features you’re targeting and it is ideal for use with a heavier line, too. The rod is also forgiving enough to play carp close under the tip with confidence and it helps reduce the risk of hook pulls for lurching carp.

The rod blank is slim, lightweight, and exceptionally strong thanks to its carbon fibre construction. The Shakespeare Sigma feeder is fitted with heavy duty titanium oxide guides that are designed to perform well with a variety of line types. The reel seat is in the DPS style and the rod is fitted with a hook keeper ring for ease of bank ready rod transportation.

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3.6 metres

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