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Webley has a strong reputation in history for making some of the most innovative air pistols on the market and the Nemesis CO2 Air Pistol is certainly no exception.  This C02 powered, multi-shot, bolt action pistol has plenty of features that will catch the eye of plinkers and target shooters alike.  
The unique tandem magazine design, has two cylinders providing you up to 14 rounds in .177 and 12 rounds in .22.  Simply pull the bolt back to index the magazine to the next pellet and once you’re out of pellets in one cylinder, pull the mag out and flip it around to shoot the second cylinder. The Webley Nemesis fires pellets at up to 450 fps in .177 and 370 fps in .22. The gun features Fiber optic open sights sit atop a 3/8″ dovetail that you can choose to mount an optic on.  There’s a Picatinny rail for accessories on the forend of the pistol and for the left-handed shooters out there the bolt on the Nemesis easily swaps sides. The pistol even includes a single shot tray and has storage in the grip for your magazine, which also has the Allen key for your CO2 piercing screw built in.

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Additional information

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12g C02 Cartridge



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