Muela knives are exclusive luxury products and collectibles, made in a limited and numbered series, made of wood and precious metals combined with high quality handcrafted work. Each knife is presented in a specific sheath and box.

Some examples of the materials used are: embossed silver, etched and enamel. These elements are becoming of the knife in a representation of tradition and craftsmanship and maintain the concept of “jewl like knives”.

Muela is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacturing of knives and pocket tools since 1950. It is a Company that has managed to combine the most modern manufacturing and production techniques with the knowledge of skilled craftsmen, providing a unique finish to each piece. Their products range from the simplest to the most exclusive models, which include precious materials and superior craftsmanship. They manufacture a wide range of knives: hunting, utility, tactical, collectable and kitchen.

The main factory and the secondary workshops, located in Ciudad Real province (Spain) make all the pieces of Muela knives and pocket tools, as well as their complements. In addition, an exhaustive quality control and packaging are completed before sending Muela products to five continents.

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