The keeping of swords in one’s collection within your home is perfectly acceptable however we strongly urge all owners to use care and common sense as to how and where they are handled. The law states that it is illegal to sell swords with curved blades unless they are hand forged. This law has been worded thus in an effort to allow law abiding citizen’s to continue collecting quality original and reproduction swords. The curved bladed swords shown here on our web site are all hand forged and their quality is reflected in the price. We have many other patterns available to us but space limits what we can show in the shop. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific pattern.

Please note – Woody’s have many more in stock than we can illustrate here.


Kill Bill Budd Handforged Katana
Kill Bill Bride Handforged Katana
The Girlfiend’s sword (The Witcher)

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