We stock a comprehensive selection of equipment for filling pre-charged guns with compressed air. All our new compressed air bottles have a capacity of 300 bar and are fitted with slow fill valves. You may think that all diving bottles are the same however this is not true. Many of the older diving bottles can only be filled to 232 bar pressure whilst some of the ex fire brigade breathing air cylinders “on the market” can only be filled to 205 bar pressure. This effectively means that filling an airgun to 200 bar with such a cylinder will only allow you 5 bar of useable pressure before you have to go and get the cylinder topped up at the dive shop again. Our cylinder outfits are all rated for breathing air only, the advantage being that it only has to be pressure tested every five years as opposed to a diving cylinder where the time span is 2 ½ years. As aforementioned our cylinders have slow fill valves. This ensures no heat build up can occur thus allowing the gun to be fully charged each time. (air expands when hot). Not all filling valves have this important facility.

Commonly asked questions

Can you refill the reservoir on my airgun?
Yes we have most filling adapters and can decant air from our big cylinder into the reservoir on your gun.

Can you refill my charging cylinder?
No you need to take it to a dive shop for this. The compressors required to ensure only dry air is introduced into a cylinder are very expensive and require regular servicing.

Will my paint spraying compressor fill my cylinder?
No it will not provide anything like sufficient pressure apart from the requirement of dry air.

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