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What sleeping bag to buy?

We have been selling sleeping bags for in excess of forty years and during that time we have learnt that essentially you only get what you pay for. Obviously if you just want a sleeping bag for the occasional sleep – over in a centrally heated house it does not have to be as efficient as a winter’s night spent by the side of a lake or half way up a mountain! A good, easily understood guide is the manufacturers suitability rating i.e. one season, two season, three season etc.

Woody’s have a value for money quality range to suit all purposes. They are all sized for adults unless specifically stated as being for children. The range of sleeping bags stocked by us are chosen to not look out of place wherever you use them. If you have a desire for pink with yellow spots, then we are not your supplier! We aim to keep all of the sleeping bags featured here always in stock but please remember that occasionally we are not able to source replacements from our supplier, who generally has to order nine to twelve months in advance from the overseas manufacturer.

We look forward to helping you make an informed choice.

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