Many successful big Pike hunters have learnt that on balance it is better to fish with bigger baits. Of course, you can catch good pike on ten centimeter baits however the odds on catching large fish are considerably reduced. The fact is that big pike are far less likely to expend energy on striking at small baits as the food value derived from small fish is minimal.

The two images shown here indicate the size of bait that a large pike will take when feeding. We ourselves, when fishing big baits have been amazed when we have caught pike not much bigger than the lure we are fishing, proving that even smaller pike will strike at the larger baits.

As a fishing friend of ours once said, “I am not after the children, I am after catching the mum’s and dad’s!

Woody’s, together with having an impressive range of big pike lures also stock the necessary hooks, tackles, rods and reels necessary for those anglers who want to target larger fish. We try to offer a range of gear at prices to suit nearly everyone. You can also make big savings when purchasing our bonus pike packs, available in store now.

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