Co2 powered BB guns have become immensely popular since the Government removed the need for any license. This allows semi-automatic BB guns to be purchased in the U.K. by anyone eighteen years or over although the power of course is limited to within six foot pounds kinetic energy for a pistol and twelve for a rifle. In reality most pistols are producing less than three foot pounds kinetic energy although the power is perfectly adequate for providing reasonable accuracy at six metres (possibly more if you are really good).

The accuracy is limited by the fact that most have smooth bore barrels and that the efficiency of the ammunition is not as good as a lead pellet. It should also be remembered that the blow back feature incorporated on some models, whilst enhancing the shooting reality, also has a tendency to kick the muzzle upwards, a factor that can result in loss of accuracy. Blow back guns of course must by nature use a bit more Co2 as some of the gas is also used to operate the blow back feature.

There are some models on the market that give a disproportionate level of after sales problems. We at Woody’s do our best to avoid selling these patterns, as we do not want dissatisfied customers. We try and emphasis at the point of sale that it is not best practice to leave a Co2 cylinder in place for longer than a few days after fitting as long term pressure from the neck of the cylinder will cause the seal to become compressed to a point where it will no longer seal. The seals can be changed but it is generally not a simple job.

When shooting BB guns it is advisable to wear protective shooting glasses as there is a higher possibility of ricochets from steel balls as opposed to lead pellets. Woody’s has a range of reasonably priced ones.

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