Woody’s hold in stock a range of boots for most outdoor occasions. To ensure a perfect fit it is essential that a customer try on at least two sizes, as in our experience each manufacturer has their own idea as to what constitutes a “standard” size. It is a fact that tight boots will be uncomfortable and help keep feet cold. The correct fit will allow for good circulation and facilitate the forming of a layer of warmer air around the foot. To obtain the right size the wearer should allow for the thickness of a good pair of socks to be worn as they will give both comfort and warmth. Woody’s will loan a pair to intending purchasers in order that the best choice is made.

Our aim is to keep all of the sizes chosen in stock at all times however occasionally our suppliers do let us down. If you know the pattern and the size of boot you require we are only a phone call away. The answer is usually “yes” but it does no harm to check.

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