Most people now realise that they need to take direct action themselves to control pests such as rats etc from spreading disease. An air rifle, preferably with a good telescopic sight fitted is ideal for the job. When compared to engaging the services of a pest control company it makes far more economic sense to conduct one’s own control. Woody’s have in stock a good selection of suitable outfits, ready assembled, zeroed to a degree (lack of space precludes us from getting the distance absolute) by ourselves and ready to shoot. A good tip is to spread peanut butter or chocolate spread on a piece of wood rather than decoy them out with a slice of bread as they tend to stay still when licking off the substance. A stationary target is essential when shooting an air weapon.

Generally speaking an air rifle (35 yard effective range) as opposed to an air pistol (6 yard effective range) is better for vermin control. Everybody has their own ideas about the best caliber for the job. A .22 pellet is heavier but slower, whereas a .177 pellet although lighter carries 30% more velocity. A good compromise is to use .177 but shoot a heavyweight pellet. The choice ultimately is with the shooter. Please remember that whilst it is legal to shoot in your own back garden you must shoot safely and in a responsible fashion. The pellet must stay within your boundary so do not take the shot unless you are certain it is safe to do so. As previously stated an air rifle is ideal for despatching small pests. It is definitely not suitable for Foxes as the pellet is too small. As shooters, our responsibility is always to conduct a clean despatch. The selection of outfits listed here are tried and tested. Woody’s have many different rifles and sights in stock including night vision. There are of course advantages to paying more money for a more refined outfit and our staff will be pleased to advise.

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