Would customers please note this web page is intended as a guide to some of the tackle we keep in stock. Constraints on our time preclude Woody’s being able to price individual pieces of tackle. Please visit our shop. 

Sea Fishing Rods, Reels and More

Our customers will have found that not many shops inland stock much in the way of ocean fishing gear. Woody’s are fortunate in that amongst our customers there is a strong following of those who like to fish in the sea and who get to legitimately eat some of what they catch! Our sea fishing stock of tackle caters not just for the U.K. sea angler but also for those fishing abroad, and after all we’d be foolish to stock such tackle without the best rods and reels to go with them.

Unfortunately because we are a reasonable distance from the sea we are unable to stock fresh lug and rag worm however we do keep a good selection of the best frozen bait that is proven to catch fish just as well. In addition we stock the Berkely “Gulp” range of synthetic baits a packet of which most sea anglers will keep in their bag for the times when they run out of fresh bait. We know they work so pick up a pack next time you are in the shop and fish them with confidence.

Many of our customers like to sea fish abroad when on holiday and for them Woody’s keep in stock a large range of sea angling boat, beach and spinning rods and saltwater reels that can be carried in a suitcase. Why not let the girls lie happily on the beach whilst we go fishing with a clear conscience!

>> Please click here for a list of sea fishing boatmen and their contact details that have been recommended to Woody’s <<

 Frozen “Welsh Lug” & Artificial Gulp Baits in Stock 

Welsh Black Lug


Do You Want To Cast Further?

The most successful beach anglers generally fish with  two rods and reels. On some occasions it is possible to overcast where the fish are feeding, so to cover that eventuality the bait on the first first rod is placed approximately sixty yards from the shore. On some days a bait fished at extreme distance will produce the fish  and this is when an extra-long beach casting rod will produce dividends. A 4.61 metre rod (15feet) gives so much more “casting leverage” however, the economy glass fibre or glass fibre /carbon fibre mix rods are heavier to hold and do not produce the desired “user friendly power” with good bite detection. In this instance a top quality carbon fibre rod is particularly useful. Naturally woody’s stock a large range of good saltwater reels to compliment the outfit.

Woody’s now supplies the range of top quality Rovex “Fantazia” in 3.8 metre lengths. The Rovex “Tideline Longcast” is the ideal reel to partner this product and Woody’s can offer these nine ball bearing reels at a special price of £69.99 (normally £89.99) if purchased with any length “Fantazia”.

Join the 100metre plus club and upgrade your beach rod today. Further advice on distance casting given instore.

Sea Fishing Tackle
Showing here is part of our multi–panel display area comprising of one hundred and sixty square feet (approx 18 square metres) of saltwater terminal tackle.
Sea Fishing Tackle
Showing here is part of our multi–door display area comprising of one hundred and sixty square feet of saltwater terminal tackle.
Sea Fishing
The ladies fishing on Deal Pier circa 1903.

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