Some shops and a few internet retailers do actually keep night vision equipment on the premises. Most simply list a number of items and then wait for the customer to order whatever model they feel best suits their needs. The world of night vision equipment can be a minefield unless you are an expert and there are suppliers out there who will take advantage of the unwary. Woody’s source all Night Vision Equipment from the trades leading supplier. All the equipment is brand new and we will not get involved with substandard or army surplus equipment. In keeping with our supplier we will not make exaggerated claims, nor be economical with the truth. We aim to keep the items listed here in stock at all times however from time to time we may have to wait a short time for replacement items from our supplier.

We will gladly show Night Vision Equipment to those wishing to purchase a unit from us but would respectfully ask customers not to use us as a “shop window” for ascertaining the correct product for their needs and then send away to an individual who may well not care what he sells you and will not want to know should you experience a problem. Don’t waste your money spend it on the right piece of equipment to suit your individual needs.

We are only able to post these to destinations within the U.K.

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