The Pard DS35 70RF has a new traditional tube style design, with integrated ballistic function and LRF. A new style circular display showcases an upgraded GUI and allows for reticule centralisation. Multi colour palettes, recoil activated recording and host of other enhancements make the DS35 a multi functional, all in one device.

The new Pard DS35 LRF model features the following enhancements.

The DS35 has an inbuilt 850NM IR illuminator with adjustable focus and alignment.

The Pard DS35 70RF is housed in a 30mm traditional tube style design. This allows your own choice of mounts to be used, dovetail or weaver options, also your required height. This allows the most versatile of fitment to suit individual hunters needs.

The newly developed Pard 2K sensor provides a sensitivity improvement of 0.0001 lux to allow night vision use with reduced IR output, with multiple colour palettes to suit the users desired viewing.

Image shift zero prevents your reticule being off centre by aligning the reticule centrally with your POI, this naturally provides the best field of view being aligned correctly.

The Pard DS35 allows for a long eye relief from 20mm upto 300mm, providing a sharp image and provides adequate distance to for using with high recoil.

The Pard DS35 70RF has an inbuilt ballistic calculator that allows you to enter your projectile weight, speed, ballistic coefficient, etc and overlays an aim marker onto the reticule for rapid precision aiming at range.

The Pard DS35 LRF night vision models now also feature self activated recording, so you never miss a shot, footage will be auto recorded to the memory card when activated.

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