J.Adams Ltd of England have been in the business of manufacturing knives in Sheffield since June 1944. Before the war there were hundreds of different firms making many different patterns of cutlery. J. Adams sister company F.E. & J.R. Hopkinson Ltd were the largest to survive in the 1970s producing, amongst other items, ceremonial swords for the Canadian army and specialist knives for freeing pilots after they had deployed an ejector seat from which they wanted to vacate upon landing.

When the firms representative Mr. Mather called on our shop, he would carry in six large suitcases of samples. Suffering heart problems at the age of seventy years plus he thought he might perhaps retire. The two directors, both in their eighties and capable of rolling up their sleeves and doing any of the skilled jobs that might be required in the factory would not hear of such a thing. “You are just a youngster they said, far too young to consider retirement”. From that time on Mr Mather would announce his arrival and a member of Woody’s staff would carry the heavy cases of samples in from his car. J.Adams do not attempt to compete with the big knife makers elsewhere in the world preferring to concentrate on making a small selection of high quality specialist knives. Woody’s are pleased to be able to offer a selection of interest to collectors.

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