During the last 50 years Weihrauch products have become increasingly respected by U.K. airgunners. They are good value and reliable, much as you would expect from a product made in Germany. The “Record” trigger in particular is a very nice piece of design, much favoured by hunters and target shooters alike. Unlike many who simply list product Woody’s specialize in actually keeping the range in stock. This is not always an easy task as Weihrauch supplies can sometimes become difficult due to world demand for the firm’s products.

Woody’s are a premier Weihrauch dealer and on average keep in excess of seventy Weihrauch guns in stock at any one time. Remember with Woody’s what you want is usually on the shelf!

For 45 years all new Weihrauch’s sold by Woody’s have been sourced from Hull Cartridge, the UK’s official supplier. This not just ensures that our guns comply with the UK power limit (Germany is only 6ft lbs kinetic energy) but also that our customers enjoy the peace of mind that only a guarantee by Hull Cartridge can provide. If you are tempted to buy a “grey import” from elsewhere then we strongly suggest you insist on viewing the gun being chronographed.

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