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Woody’s Gift Ideas

A frequent phrase used by those customers visiting Woody’s looking for that special gift is “I don’t know anything about fishing or shooting and have no idea what he (or she) would want”. In truth people that share our interests are the easiest to buy presents for as there are so many different items available for the customer who fishes, shoots, or just enjoys the great outdoors. To help everyone we have listed some great ideas that we hope will help those customers needing to buy a really useful gift for a special occasion.

The Shotgun Shooter

Handwarmers – prices from £6-99
Pigeon decoys(other birds available) – prices from £4-99
Safety Trigger Locks – prices from £8-99
Hunting Calls (Crow, Duck, Goose Pigeon, Pheasant,) prices from – £13-99
Ear Defenders to protect hearing – prices from £14-99
Shooting socks (good quality hard wearing & warm) – prices from £11-99
Welly Boot Bags keeps the mud on your boots and not in the car) – prices from £19-99
Knives – prices from – £19-99
Monoculars – prices from £19-99
Quality Binoculars – prices from £69-99
Cleaning outfits – prices from £45-99
Hide swivel shooting seat (for pigeon decoying) prices from £27-99
Traditional shooting seat sticks – prices from £31-99
Game bags (great for carrying flask, sandwiches, seat, decoys etc.) – prices from approx. £43-99
Leather shooting gloves (improves grip and keeps hands warm) – prices from £44-99
Cartridge Belts (leather holds 25 cartridges) – prices from £44-99
Cartridge bags (canvas or leather) – prices from £49-99
Camouflage nets (for pigeon decoying) – prices from £39.99
Hunting lamps – prices from £79-99
Shooting boots – prices from £81-99
Night Vision equipment – prices from £289-99

The Airgunner

Pellet Lube (helps improve accuracy) prices from £3-99
Silicone cleaning cloth (essential for maintaining the external finish of any gun) price £6-15
Calls (pigeon, squirrel, predator) – prices from £10-99.
Scope maximisers (useful for eliminating glare) – prices from £12.99
Pellet sample packs (6 mini-packs of the latest pellets to try) – prices from £15-99
Shoot n C targets (these change colour at the point of impact) prices from £8-99
Target Holders (eliminates ricochets & promotes safe shooting) prices from £11-99
Pellet pouches (eliminates fumbling for pellets) prices from £12-99
Shooting gloves (improves grip & keeps hands warm) £10.99
Pistol Cases (keeps your air pistol safe and dust free) prices from £10-99
Bipods (will help improve accuracy) – prices from £12-99 (economy)
Folding Bipods (helps improve accuracy) – prices from £54-99
Camouflage face veil (sometimes essential to ensure success) – prices from £18-99
Rifle Cases (a legal requirement when transporting your air gun) – prices from £19-99
Rifle slings (makes carrying the rifle easier) – prices from £19-99
Air Cylinder Bottle Covers (for easy carrying and the protection of 3 litre filling cylinders) prices from £21-99
Pistol Holsters (hip and shoulder available) prices from £21-99
Cleaning Outfits (Cleans the inside of the barrel essential to maintain accuracy) – prices from £22-99
Rifle rests (helps improve accuracy) – prices from £29-99
Laser Sights (a useful aid for poor light shooting) – prices from £29-99
Red Dot Sights (A very popular sighting aid for pistol shooters) – prices from £39-99
Pellet Scales (will ensure the accurate weighing of pellets before chronographing) £44-99
Chronograph (designed to ensure your guns velocity is correct) – prices from £49-99
Laser Boresighter (helps reduce sighting in time) prices from £49-99
Bench rests (holds the gun safely when carrying out maintenance) – prices from £29-99
Camouflage Jackets (blend into the countryside) – prices from £54-99

The Fisherman

Ready tied rigs for sea fishing – prices from £2-10
Packs of spinning baits (5 in a pack) – prices from £5-99
Plastic lure boxes (pocket size holds 5 baits) – prices from £6-50
Electric rod tip light (essential for night fishing) – prices from £6-50
Handwarmers (fantastic in cold weather) – prices from £6-99
Fishing Reels – prices from £8-99
Electric Night Floats – prices from £7-99
Bait & Fish Filleting Knives (featuring special flexible and sharp blades) – prices from £10-99
Set of 3 Chain Swingers bite indicators – prices from £10-99
Headlamps (a must for night fishing) – prices from £14-99
Neoprene fishing gloves (will keep hands warm and dry) – prices from £14-99
Telescopic fishing outfits (Rod, reel, and line) – prices from £14-99
Electric bite alarms (essential for carp & pike day or night) – prices from £19-99
Braided line (many different breaking strains) prices from £19-99
Pike plug selection – price 6 for £20-00
Tackle Boxes – prices from £21-99
“Swinger” Bite Indicators – price £16-99
Rod Carrying Quivers prices from £17-99
Fish Weighing Scales prices from £19-99
Folding landing nets (compact and very convenient) prices from £23-99
Fishing Bags prices from £21-99
Lure bags with internal boxes (excellent storage for the lure fisherman) prices from £39-99
Carp rod pods (holds 2/3 rods) prices from £24-99
Chest High Waders – prices from £44-99
Thigh Waders prices from £59-99
Shimano telescopic rods (great for travelling) prices from £74-99
Shimano multi-section travel rods prices from £84-99
Fish Finders – prices from £134-99

The Outdoorsman

Survival Blanket – price £3-99
Waterproof notepad – price £3-99
Wire Saw price £5-99
Firestarters (essential item for survival) – prices from £6-99
Handwarmers – prices from £6-99
Knife sharpening stones – prices from £7-99
Map Case – price £6-99
Mess Tin Set – price £7-99
Cutlery set (knife fork & spoon set) – price £8-99
Compasses – prices from £5-99
Headlamps – prices from £12-99
Micro Torch (will attach to zipper or rucksack) – £9-99
Stainless Steel unbreakable flasks (good range in stock) – prices from £9-99
Multitools – prices from £14-99
Water filtrator – price £14-99
Swiss Army Knives (huge selection) – prices from £14-99
Sleeping Bags – prices from £15-00
Wide Mouth Food Flask Stanley stainless steel price £15-99
Gas Cookers – prices from £16-99
Military style olive green Trousers price £18-99
Sliding survival saw – price £19-99
Survival knives (handle holds survival accessories) – prices from £29-99
Machete’s – prices from £29-99
Water Canteen – £26-99
Cook Set – £29-99
Rucksacks (many sizes) – prices from £32-99
Camping Axe price £44-99
Search and Rescue torches ( extremely powerful rechargeable) – prices from £119-99

Stuck for ideas?

Woody’s Gift Vouchers – available in £5, £10, £15, £20, £50

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