CRKT has been driven by a purpose: to bring useful technological advancements and entirely new product concepts to market. This has led to partnerships with the worlds best designers and custom knife makers. The result is products that are visually stunning and technically superior, featuring innovations that have defined the cutting edge of the industry.

Wether for everyday carry, hunting and fishing, even survival situations, CRKT knives, tools and lifestyle accessories are purpose-built to instill confidence in those who proudly carry them. Every day they are put to the test by people who value preparedness and demand performance. If it’s not up to their standards then it’s not up to CRKT’s. CRKT products are manufactured using the most advanced equipment and production systems. Their model for getting their products to market emphasizes excellence and efficiency & the belief that everyone should be able to afford to carry the highest quality knives and tools.

Please feel free to contact the shop if there are any particular patterns of CRKT, that you may be looking for that are not displayed on the website.

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