CRKT CEO Compact Blue pocket knife


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The CRKT CEO Compact Blue is a slim and subtle gentleman’s knife, designed by Richard Rogers. This designer from New Mexico, United States designed a knife that could be mistaken for a pen. The perfect pocket knife for gentlemen (or women). Its low weight and thickness ensure that you hardly notice it in your pocket.

This is a smaller version of the CRKT CEO. The blade is 2 cm shorter and also the handle is shorter. When opened the blade is 15.5 cm long. A massive difference when compared to the standard CEO, which is 19.5 cm when opened. As such the CRKT CEO Compact is better suited for those who prefer, you guessed it, a compact pocket knife.

The Blade of the CEO is very slim. Perfect to peel an apple or open a stack of letters. For the really demanding tasks there are knives that are a little more suited. They, however, are not as stylish as the CEO. The blue-coloured FRN scales appear to be made from aluminium because of the finish. Stunning!

You open the CRKT CEO with the flipper. When opened the steel liner lock ensures that your fingers are safe.

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