Buck “Hunter” Folding pocket knife


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The Buck “Hunter” is perhaps the most legendary pocket knife ever made. Many people, when thinking about a pocket knife, often think about the Buck “Hunter”, whether intentionally or not. This model might also be the most copied pocket knife ever. Of course you should only purchase the real deal at Woody’s!

Buck 110: first popular back lock

The Buck “Hunter” was one of the first large-scale produced pocket knives with a back lock. In fact, this pocket knife made this lock popular. Throughout the years Buck has produced millions of Buck “Hunter” pocket knives.
The Folding Hunter has a solid construction. The 420 HC steel is firmly placed inside the handle and the handle itself is made from stunning classic materials. With messing bolsters and inlays made from ebony wood.

Buck’s famous Bos heat treatment

Any enthusiast knows that Buck works closely with Paul Bos when it comes to the heat treatment of a blade. Bos is an absolute master when it comes to hardening steel and he knows how you can use a type of steel to its full extent.

The Buck “Hunter” comes with a leather belt sheath.


Blade length
9.5 cm

210 g

Material handle
brass, ebony wood, wood

Type of steel

 inc 12 months guarantee 

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