Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter (Fixed 3.6″ Blade)


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Over the years the Pendleton Hunters have become enormously popular and while we think they are reasonably priced, many have asked for a more affordable Pendleton that will accommodate just about anyone’s budget.

Cold Steel have designed a knife called the Pendleton Lite Hunter. In appearance it strongly resembles the rest of the family with a drop point blade, modest guard, hollowed bolster area and a flared butt to aid retention. The only major changes were the adoption of more affordable German 4116 Stainless steel and the use of polypropylene instead of Kraton for the handle.

In their testing it got straight A’s in the field as it is equally adept at field dressing and skinning, held a decent edge, was easy to sharpen and proved to be hard as nails.

If you’re looking for a very affordable hunting/utility knife that comes with a Secure-Ex sheath and delivers more than your money’s worth in performance and value look no further than the Pendleton Lite.

 inc 12 months guarantee 

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