Umarex are a German air gun and airsoft manufacturer who began in 1972. Around that time, German law changed stating that all over the counter guns had to be blank firing or airguns.
This opened up an opportunity, which Wulf-Heinz Pflaumer, collaborating with Franz Wonisch and Karl Mayer Senior, took advantage of as they set about developing a range of air guns for recreational shooters.
The business took off and Umarex products were soon exported all over the world. They have become known as the “King of Replicas” due to their iconic airgun versions of firearms for major gun makers, including Beretta, Colt, Heckler & Koch and Smith & Wesson.
Their high levels of realism, coupled together with high quality build materials and reliability, have provided a great range of air rifles which offer everything an avid shooter needs.
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