Umarex 850 Air Magnum M2 Empire Kit




Made by Umarex, the 850 Air Magnum features an 8-shot bolt action magazine system and is perfect for pest control. The bolt allows for a quick second shot and the rifle also features the added benefit of a double-push-button automatic safety.
This rifle is powered by a large 88g CO2 cartridge, which is concealed under the front part of the stock. The high power of the 850, which is not far below the legal limit, enables you to shoot to an accurate distance of up to 32m.
The major benefit of CO2 is the recoil-less action, which helps increase accuracy, while the supplied K3 Neo moderator will reduce the muzzle noise to a mere whisper.
All this is wrapped up within an attractive and hard-wearing black tactical stock, which incorporates a comfortable cheek piece, chequering on the grip and a picatinny rail on either side for accessories such as a torch or a scope. There’s another rail underneath the rifle for mounting the bipod.
The kit includes a sound moderator, a weaver-mounted bipod and a Walther 3 – 9 x 40 scope.

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