Air Arms Q-Tec Mini Sound Moderator – S500/S510 (1/2″ UNF Female Thread)




The Air Arms β€œQ Tec” sound moderator is purported to reduce the muzzle report on Air Arms rifles by 27.58%. By reducing the sound to 58.2 % decibels, Air Arms claim the β€œQ Tec” is 10.92% more effective than the market leader in sound moderators. All we know is – yes it is quiet so our suggestion is that you come in and check it out for yourself! The β€œQ Tec” is gun specific and as there are approximately ten options we have decided to actually stock only those for the most common Air Arms guns. Please ring first to check our stock position if you are coming into the shop to pick one up.

Available in .177 and .22 calibers.

* All Sound Moderators require a face to face transaction.

 inc 12 months guarantee 

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