Birchwood Casey “Gallery” re-setting Target


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Shoot. Reset. Shoot again. No problem! Experience hours of shooting fun with your airgun! (approximately 500 feet per second or faster) with lead pellets only to operate effectively.

* Auto reset, no walking, no cords.
* Durable, solid steel construction.
* Innovative twist design, no welds to break.
* Airgun rated – 1 3/4″ Paddles.
* Each target is a solid 3/16″ thick (3/8″ on the magnums) hung from a durable, welded steel frame to provide years of trouble-free practice.
* All targets include high visibility Target Spots® Targets.
* Portable and easy-to-use spinning targets mean no more knocked down targets to set-up.
* A foot rest makes it easy to push targets into the hardest ground.
* Minimum target distance for shooters and spectators is 25 yards.
* Do not use .22 rimfire, centerfire handguns, centerfire rifles, blackpowder or BB guns on this target.

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