Clulite TB4000 “Trailblaser” LED Pistol Light




This “Trailblaser” handheld spotlight boasts a 1000 meter spot beam from a single focused 45 watt LED light source giving a dream of a beam.
The “Trailblaser” uses a ground breaking single 45 watt LED light source and has a computer designed reflector fitted within an alloy housing giving a professional finish to an outstanding lamp. The beam penetrates up to 1000 meters giving sheer power at your fingertips.

The “Trailblaser” is perfect for hunting/lamping, mobile security & ATV, boating, camping and caravans.
 The 12 volt “Trailblaser” is fitted with a cigar plug as standard for use directly from the vehicle or other 12 volt DC power sources. 
The current drain is only 4 amps meaning it will run from the smallest & lightest of 12 volt DC battery packs – Battery pack is NOT included.

The lamp has a new design flush fitting switch doing away with those troublesome rubber switch covers. Also comes supplied complete with red filter which sits neatly inside the rim.

 inc 12 months guarantee 

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