FOXPRO “Inferno” High Performance Game Call


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The “Foxpro Inferno” is supplied complete with 75 different sounds. Features include remote control, easy to read screen, improved remote distance, predator and distress sounds, 20 different volumes, and 100 metre plus range. Batteries are extra but the weight when installed is 1.2 kg (1.5 lbs)

The INFERNO features:

*Advanced remote control with a large LCD display, with a viewing angle meant for the outdoors.
-This display will also have a stand timer, a battery indicator, FOXBANG indicator, Volume Indicator, and a Mute indicator.
-The sounds will be listed in a categories file, just like in the popular TX1000 remote control.
-This scheme has proven to be very user friendly, and the preferred method for changing sounds. For those that prefer the standard sound list as used in the past, this is a selectable feature as well. We have also added a user button to the remote control that gives the user the ability to choose the function of that particular button. Choices include:
+ Recall, Preset 3, Preset 4, Preset 5, Backlight, and Timer Reset.
-The categories menu also gives you the Favorites / Presets Category that allows you to program in your favorites there for quick access along with your predetermined volume level for that sound. The remote will also boast an improved remote range and performance. And as with all of our remote controls, the Aux button will remotely control a decoy of your choice, whether it be the FOXJack 2 decoy that attaches directly to the unit, another FOXPRO decoy, or another manufacturers decoy.
-The keypad on the remote control also features a new layout and orientation of the keys that are used the most.
+ The Sound Up, Sound Down, Select, Volume Up, Volume Down buttons are similar to that of our popular TX1000 remote control. They are also reverse in color so that your eye will gravitate to them much easier as well. And of course, a lanyard loop.
*The Inferno will also come standard with 75 sounds. And of course, all sounds are 100% real animal recordings.

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