Hummingbird Piranha Max 4 DI Fish Finder

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The Hummingbird “Piranha Max 4 DI” is the ideal low cost fish finder for small boats. the manufacturers claim that the screen is 20% larger than most equivalent fish finders and that it has 70% more pixels than previous models. the screen features 265 different colours and the sonar has a maximum depth capability of 600 feet. The screen is LED backlit for use in the night time or direct sunlight. The unit is built to withstand incidental water exposure and it is easy to install and use.

Price of unit – £176-99 inc Vat.

Price of Commissioning pack including re-chargeable battery, carrying bag, transducer and mounting kit – £214-99 inc Vat.

Total package – £391-98 inc Vat.

 inc 12 months guarantee 

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