Okuma Trio High Speed FD Spinning Reel




This Okuma Trio High Speed FD represents some of the most innovative reel design in Okuma’s recent history. Combining the best of both worlds from aluminium and graphite, the company has created a unique and distinctive new reel design concept. With a one piece stamped aluminium reel stem and rotor arm the Okuma Trio High Speed FD has strength and durability in its core. Graphite side plates and rotor keep the reel weight free whilst ensuring the integral moving parts of the reel are held rigidly. This mixed material construction gives you all the benefits of both aluminium and graphite – combining to ensure the reel is both lightweight and hard wearing.
The Okuma Trio High Speed FD has a dual force drag system. This combines the traditional drag stack with an additional drag washer, located on the underside of the spool. Ensuring silky smooth drag, this dual system takes the pressure from an aggressive take and dissipates it throughout the system. This stops the drag from sustaining heat fatigue, which can often be the breaking point for standard drag systems. If you’re looking for high powered drag that is silky smooth to use and will last a life time, you need look no further than this offering on the Okuma Trio High Speed FD. This drag is housed in an Aluminium Drag Chamber, increasing the stability of the system to ensure continued performance perfection – even under the pressure of a huge take or when casting some weighty lures.
This spinning reel is ideal for a number of spinning uses and, thanks to the corrosion resistance coating process that the reel undergoes, this reel performs perfectly as a sea fishing spinning reel. It isn’t just the exterior of the reel that has been corrosion resistance coated; the HDGII high density gearing system is also corrosion resistant. This means that, when sea fishing, salt water cannot enter the reel only to dry and leave behind highly corrosive salt particles. If you’re looking for a high quality reel for all your spin fishing then you need look no further than the Okuma Trio High Speed FD.

*Price includes spool filled with line

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Additional information

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