Ron Thompson Gangster 11 metre Carp Pole


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If you’re looking for a lightweight and robust pole for all your large specimen commercial fishing then you need to look no further. The Ron Thompson Gangster Pole is perfect for a range of carp fishing activities – from targeting the margins to fishing slightly further afield – and it is ideal for the match angler who wants to aim for larger species to make up their weight.

This is an 11m carbon pole, constructed of eight sections, ensuring that you can target a range of distances and this pole is ideal for a variety of uses on commercial match fisheries. However, where this pole really shows its hand is when it is put under pressure. This is an incredibly strong and robust pole. It can easily handle double figure carp, as well as large tench and bream, in weedy and snaggy conditions – even when fully extended to 11m. This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that it is extremely competitively priced. In fact, you’ll struggle to find a pole that offers this kind of strength for cheaper, with many of its nearest competitors coming in at over double the price. What’s more, this pole even comes with as spare top two kit – that’s two top two kits in total, including the one that comes attached to the pole itself. The Ron Thompson Gangster Pole weighs in at 1100g. This is a more than manageable weight, especially when fished with pole supports, rests, or rollers. It is rated for use with six to eighteen elastics, ensuring that you can tackle the larger species with confidence – even when you’re battling with dense weed in the margins. The Ron Thompson Gangster Pole has a transport length of 156cm, so you won’t have any trouble getting this pole to and from your swim either.

The Ron Thompson Gangster Pole is the perfect option for the beginner to pole fishing who doesn’t want to break the bank whilst trying out the sport. It is also ideal for the angler on a budget, too, as it allows you to enjoy the best big species commercial fishing without straining your purse strings. If you’re interested in pole fishing but don’t know where to begin, the Ron Thompson Gangster Pole is the perfect place to start. Not only does it let you get stuck into big carp and coarse fish, but it also lets you target fish at a range of distances – all for a fraction of the price you could be expected to pay.

Ron Thompson is a brand which is dedicated to manufacturing quality angling gear. The brand has a huge range of products in its catalogue for angling across the disciplines, whether you like targeting rivers with centrepin reels or you prefer standing on the shore trying your hand at sea fishing. All of the products it manufactures are ideal for the angler looking to get started with their fishing career and if you’re someone who wants good quality gear without the high end price tag then Ron Thompson is the perfect brand for you.

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