Savage Gear Soft 4Play Loose Body Lures



These loose body lures from Savage Gear give the specialist angler the option of rigging up in several ways. On a jig head for unparalleled swimbait action, or on a offset hook for the most superior weedless presentation; tuned with the innovative Tungsten Tube Weights, or used with the 4Play lipsculls. To get the most natural crank bait imaginable, it swims incredibly lifelike and has a natural sink rate of a hurt herring minnow in distress. This is a lure with incredible detail and design, deadly on any predator fish! Retrieve it, twitch it, troll it, you can’t do it wrong!


Hand painted
Super natural swimming action
Superb for Pike, Zander, Perch, Bass and any other Prey hunting Predators!

Available in 4 sizes:

8cm long, 4g weight, 4pcs + 1xJigHead
9.5cm long, 7.5g weight, 4pcs
13cm long, 21g, 3pcs
19cm long, 60g, 2pcs

(Sizes, Colours and Patterns subject to availability)

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