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Woody’s have supplies of the new double-action MCX “Virtus” PCP rifle, the latest product from Sig and their first pre-charged pneumatic airgun, the perfect tool for target shooting and pest control. Following the success of the CO2-powered MCX and MPX, the “Virtus” breathes fresh air into the old CO2 MCX model. The “Virtus” features Sig’s patented 30-round rapid pellet magazine, which feeds 30 .22 rounds and features that slick MCX styling based on the AR-15, with a rear-mounted PCP tank for better balance and accuracy and the capacity, to deliver more than 150 shots per fill. The rifle also features flip-up front and rear sights. This new breed of MCX, unlike its CO2 counterpart, will deliver a power level of up to 11 ft/lb kinetic energy.

The “Virtus’ trigger mechanism has been changed which means that in order for a second shot to be taken, you need to push the trigger forward.
Sig Sauer have chosen to modify the Sig Sauer “Virtus” PCP in order to reduce the rate of fire. Whilst this is not technically a legal requirement, Sig have chosen to make this decision and stand by it.
This still allows for fun shooting whilst slowing down the rate of fire at the same time as ensuring that this rifle does not breach the spirit of the law.

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Additional information

Additional information

Magazine Capacity

30 Shot

Power Type

Pre-Charged (PCP)





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