Squashy Leather Hat




The Oiled Leather hats are our thickest leather hats and the oiled treatment gives them a rugged look, perfect for the British weather. They also fold down into a calico bag.
This model is made from dark brown oiled cow hide and is water resistant and foldable and each hat is supplied with a free calico travel bag.
The hats come up on the small side and people are encouraged to wear a hat as loose as they can possibly get away with without the hat falling off your head. To get a good fit, measure the circumference of your head, one inch above your eyebrows, in a comfortable fit, which means not too loose and not too tight, as you would like the hat to feel on your head and then select a size. Pretty much always go for the size up if you fall in between sizes, so for example a 58cm head measurement, choose a Large 59cm hat.
Made in Australia using cow hide, marks and scratches on our leather Marks and scratches on our leather hats are considered a natural feature as they are made with naturally scarred leather from free-roaming cattle or wild kangaroos.
These hats combine the following unique features to make a great outdoor hat: – Fully packable – Super-light and strong – Water resistant leather (DriHide® process)

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