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The Strike Pro Guppie is a really unique lure, designed with eye catching artwork and features a hard body with a soft tail for incredible movement through the water.

The colours used on these lures have only been available on hand painted wood lures produced by Joe Peterson of Trueglide, until now! StrikePro and CWC in partnership with Peterson are bringing these unique colours to the market for the first time.

The special painting process which has been incorporated into these lures uses paint or glitter on the inside shell of the bait, in addition to painting on the outside. This essentially mimics the technique which Peterson uses on his wood baits which is layering paint between topcoats for a 3D effect.

On top of the good looks, the Guppie has a compact shape that ensures that the hook coverage is always maximised. The high back body profiling also adds extra flash and belly roll which is sure to catch the attention of lurking fish!

The body is solid and the tail is made from soft plastic material. Anglers can change the dynamics of the lure simply by screwing on or off the two tail options that are supplied with each lure. A curl tail that provides a tantalising ripple when the lures is jerked or a paddle tail so you can use it as a swimbait and enhance the lures body roll.

This lure can be jerked, twitched or straight retrieved making it a very versatile jerkbait/tail bait.

The Strike Pro Guppie is supplied in various colour options for you to choose from.

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