Westin Platypus ‘Firetiger’ Crankbait (22cm)




The Platypus Project was a tough assignment for the Scandinavian lure maker Allan Christiansen. Westin wanted to keep it all secret and they didn’t even have a name for the lure – only a list of impossible demands, including a lot of X-factor and the best rolling movement ever seen on a lure! When westin saw the look of the final prototype the name was obvious due to the resemblance of the beak on a real platypus.
Since its creation by lure maker Allan Christiansen, Platypus became Scandinavia’s leading big pike lure in no time. And now they have answered the clamour from pike specialists for a completely silent big boy with perfect low floating buoyancy. Fish it extremely slow and it still has the famous Westin Roll. At a pause in the retrieve, it hangs and slowly rises in the water – very appealing to large, tricky predators.

“It took me 32 different proto types and countless hours of testing and adjusting to achieve what I was looking for. The result is a unique lure with an incredible action and swimming pattern – even when fished at extreme slow speed for tricky pike during the coldest part of spring. When fished at high speed the action of the lure is just as incredible. I have no doubt that this will become a classic big fish lure in the future. Tight Lines”!

Allan Christiansen

• Material: ABS plastic
• Lead free
• Hook size: # 3/0
• Japanese style carbon steel hooks
• Running Depth: 2-7 m
• Quiet as a mouse
• Full wire-through-body construction
• Hand painted detailed colors

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