NEW IN STOCK: Webley MKVI .455 Service Revolver in .22 pellet

Webley MKVI .455 Service Revolver in .22

There are not that many multi-shot .22 pellet pistols out there on the market, especially when it comes to the CO2 variants. Woody’s are pleased to offer from Webley the revolver we have all been waiting for. Built from original blueprints, these six-shot revolver pistols load, cycle, fire and eject as the originals would and feature original 1915 markings. Incorporating single/double-action triggers with full metal construction. The Webley mark 5 revolvers are currently available in the “Battlefield” finish and will also be in stock in a “black” finish.

There will be three barrel lengths to choose from; the 2.5-inch ‘Civilian’, 4-inch ‘Police’, as well as the original 6-inch Service Revolver, which we currently hold in stock. All the models feature a rifled barrel, which helps to aid accuracy.
These pistols are made from quality metal and the only bits of plastic you will find on them are the grips themselves. This all-metal construction gives the pistol a decent weight, with the longer 6-inch barrel weighing in at 1043g or 2.3lbs.

In order to power this gun, the side of the grip simply pulls away to reveal a rather neat slot in which to insert a 12g CO2 cylinder.
At the base of the grip, there is a lanyard ring which also doubles up as the tension/piercing screw. Simply unwind it, insert the CO2 then tighten it down to secure the cylinder in place and pierce it.


When loading the pellets, you have to push forward the lever situated immediately to the right of the hammer to access the revolving cylinder and eject the empty shell casings ready to load. The loading principle is exactly the same as many other Pellet pistols and rifles that use the single shell casing method – you push the pellet, directly into the end of the shell casing where the hole is. Each shell has a small rubber ‘O’ ring that helps to secure the pellet in place. Make sure you push your pellets all the way so the edge of the skirt sits flush with the rear of the shell casing, then it’s just a case of reloading the cylinder with the loaded ‘bullets’ and closing the action up again.


As far as safety is concerned, there is a small. manual safety switch on the right-hand-side of the pistol, immediately above the trigger guards and underneath the revolving cylinder.

The rear goalpost sights are moulded into the barrel/revolving cylinder release mechanism, just as the front post is built into the barrel. Neither are adjustable.

The trigger pull is nice and light at around a pound. This is reduced even further if you cock the hammer with your thumb first as these pistols are double action.

These pistols are not designed to be super accurate, they’re not competition pellet pistols, but rather extremely good replicas of an iconic family of historical pistols. If you love your revolvers, then you’ve really got to take a good look at these, you won’t be disappointed!


Manufacturer: Webley & Scott
Model: Mark VI .455 Service Revolvers
Calibres: .22 and .177
Powerplant: CO2
Velocity: <430 fps Energy: 2.2 ft.lbs Trigger: Double-action Mag Capacity: 6 shots Finish: Black or Battlefield Barrel Lengths: 6, 4 and 2.5 inch Weights: 1043g, 984g and 930g Shot Count: Around 50 FEATURES

• Built from original blueprints
• Loads, cycles, fires and ejects as the original
• Original 1915 markings
• Full size
• Field strippable
• Full metal construction
• 6 shot
• Black or Battlefield finish