Welcome Back To Woody’s

Woodys Shop Front

Welcome to Woody’s newly designed website. It has been a huge “in house” undertaking for my son Peter who would like to thank his close friend and mentor Chris Lloyd for his support and expertise. Few outside the field of website design would appreciate the hundreds and hundreds of hours needed to put such a website together. For a small business such as ours it would not be viable to finance such an undertaking through a professional website design company. As technology advances at a pace Peter thought the time had come to re-design the website with a view to improve its clarity and ability to be user friendly. Essentially the purpose of our website is to serve as an extension to the shop and whilst it is impossible to show all of the thousands of product we stock it does nevertheless give a flavour of the nature of our business.

Whilst the new platform can be easily adapted for online shopping it is an area that we still choose not to enter. Five months of Government imposed lockdown showed us that it may be useful at some time but for now we prefer to continue to give our high level of personal service meeting our customers and serving their needs.

Many of you will have read the sign on our front door. “Unlike the internet everything you see in Woody’s is in stock”. This might sound like a rather obvious statement but it is more applicable now than ever. In most trades stock is in short supply and ours is no exception. Woody’s would like to thank all our suppliers for their loyalty, repaying that which we in turn have given them throughout the years. Their advice has helped Woody’s avoid many of the “out of stock” situations experienced by others. The “just in time” philosophy certainly does not work at present and we have to anticipate, sometimes many months in advance our stock requirements prior to the next shipment arriving into the country.

With the “bare bones” of the new website in place, the challenge now for Peter is to add all the new items that we are constantly sourcing both on the gun and fishing tackle sides of our business. We try and keep the availability and price information of each product up to date however the combination of inflation and supply shortages makes this impossible for one person. We aim to keep our website both informative and entertaining but we cannot list everything we stock. If you do not see something on our website then please telephone. Many think that just because, say airgun pellets or fishing hooks are not on the website then we do not stock them. It only remains for me to thank all our customers for continuing to support your SPECIALIST FISHING TACKLE AND GUN SHOP. Please stay safe and continue to enjoy your chosen hobby.